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Introducing Instagram Reels, An answer to TikTok??

What is Instagram Reels Stories?

Instagram reels are similar to Tik-Tok contents. Now what is it; in the Instagram reels, one can record 15-second clips set to music on Instagram. People can create fun videos and can upload them to their Instagram stories. Similar to Tik-Tok, Instagram reels also provide a huge library of music, tracks from other videos, and facilities to record one’s original track. People can adjust the video’s speed, also can set a timer and even apply various filters to their video. People can also send their videos on other applications or upload them on their Reels profile. And like Tik-Tok it also gives the chance to the best performing public reel to go viral.


Why is Instagram launching Reels?

Now we all know that Tik-Tok was the most downloaded app ever. People making new videos almost every day attracts advertisers too. Most of the users are aged between 25-34. Now seeing the success rate of the Tik-Tok app other apps have also thought of launching this feature. Earlier Facebook also launched a similar app Lasso but didn’t get as popular as Tik-Tok. But there are chances that Instagram reel may get success as there are so many active users on Instagram. The fact is that only Tik-Tok is the app that is in the top 5 which is not owned by Facebook. Now by adding Tik-Tok features on Instagram maybe Facebook will be able to stop it from gaining success in the future. 


How to use Reels?

Now the thing is how it is used; it is a new model in the Instagram camera where we find options like a boomerang, live, layout, superzoom. From the screen only we can select our kind of audio by tapping the music icon. The speed of the video can also be set. When we set a timer countdown starts before recording starts. Like in Tik-Tok here also we can start and stop recording multiple times. After your video is done you can edit and send it to friends and even post it.


Why Instagram Reels over Tik-Tok?

Presently it is only available in Brazil, France, and Germany. Soon it will expand and soon new updates will be available on our phones. Now after the ban on Chinese apps including Tik-Tok Reels has started testing in India also. In the music library of Reels, it has access to Saregama’s library. One thing which is good about Reels is that you don’t need a separate platform, it’s already within Instagram. Most people who were active on Tik-Tok have already started making videos on Instagram to stay in touch with their fans. Launching Reels in India can support Instagram a lot, as already there were many active users of Tik-Tok. After the ban on Chinese apps, those tik-tokers would eventually use another platform to make videos. This is the best time to launch Reels in India. Not only Reels but many apps would fill up the void after the ban of Chinese apps.

Last year India contributed to around 44% of the 1.6billion downloads of Tik-Tok worldwide. However, Tik-Tok resonated with the masses first, while Instagram went through the conventional model of adoption. Most of the people do not have access to high-end equipment to produce high-quality videos. Tik-Tok became a popular app to do editing and everything in one’s phone. With reels, Tik-Tokers can explore and revert to their favorite format without downloading any new app. It would be a good strategic move if Reels adds features that would help to transition customers to create content with the least fiction. Unlike Tik-Tok,  in Reels, one can choose to keep their content private or public. This would be helpful for the Tik-Tokers to find an alternative and more convenient way to make their content and make it available to their fans directly through their Instagram page.


Will Instagram Reels be a success in India?

After the ban on the popular social media app Tik-Tok, it is expected that Instagram reels will be the audience’s favorite. Now seeing the success rate of the Tik-Tok app other apps have also thought of launching this feature. Now seeing the success rate of the Tik-Tok app other apps have also thought of launching this feature. Instagram has added several other features to the update which makes it better for the users. We can only see the results after it comes out in open for the public. 


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