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Instagram’s new “DM Me” sticker 

Instagram recently came up with a new method to promote interaction between friends using a “DM Me” sticker which can be used in stories. This way the conversation between the users can be friendly, and also they’ll spend on social media interacting with their loved ones. 

This feature is still not full-fledged active in all countries, but beta testing is running in several regions around the world who are actively using this trait. The “DM Me” feature will prompt direct messages from the story section and will keep the users engaged. One can simply tap on the sticker attached in the story, and there you go. 


Why this feature stands out from other stickers?

The feature still makes a valid point, just like all other standout points from the Instagram algorithm where users have the option to message their friends. During this global pandemic of COVID-19, it is reported that Facebook has increased its total message volume of the users to 50% than the previous quarter. The mentioned social media platform is having the most number of message quantity, as compared to other social media platforms. Thus, Instagram came up with a way to tackle the obstacle. 

There are indications that there may be a direct push for messages from the story viewers, but that can also appear to be problematic. Instagram has reported several harassments and abuse complaints from the users, and they are still working to tackle the same. Some users want to receive a private message directly from the stories, but some are not. This new feature created an invisible door for those who have to receive messages, especially for the younger generation. 

There will still be some users who want to restrict this feature via their privacy settings, thus Instagram has enabled this option for those users. 


Instagram’s previous “Join Chat” sticker

Previously, there was a “Join Chat” sticker which was much popular among the youth users of Instagram. The update was released in the month of July 2019. The key variance of both the traits is almost the same, though the previous sticker enabled users to add friends in a group chat. 

If we look from Instagram’s perspective, then this new feature is adding a lot of value to the business profiles who use this social media platform to promote their company. They can receive a lot more offers from the users directly from the stories. The brand owners can showcase their product more efficiently through a stylish video or image, which could drive more customers under their cloud. 


Another brand new sticker from Instagram- “Support Small Business”

During this global pandemic, Instagram came up with another feature that supports small organizations around the world that are facing day to day problems. They rolled out a ‘Support Small Business’ sticker which can be used in stories. The Facebook-owned social media platform, Instagram updated this new trait to aware of the youth and mainly all the users to help the needful during the time of the global pandemic. 

The primary motive of this feature is to support the small businesses and startups which are struggling during this gritty period. The sticker is one of the ways to improve the reach of the users and their visibility. 

The new feature can be enabled in anyone via their Instagram story, by tapping the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker found in the options chamber. The sticker will in return track the awareness created by the social media platform, improving the transparency. The viewers will then preview the business account.


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