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We live in an era where we cannot spend a day without looking at our social media handles. In 2020, the trend of each social media is rising like mountains. There have been several updates in these months which made each platform better than the other. In this article, we will look upon those updates which were adapted by various social media platforms in the year 2020, and how each company tried making the internet a safer place to wander.

1. The Latest LinkedIn Update Shows Hiring Data of Several Regions-

The update patch was released in April where they showed the peak form of data about the hiring of employees through their platform. The update also focused on job postings and recovery of several regions throughout the world. With everyone stuck in this global pandemic of COVID-19, this update is playing a big role in the job market making transparency between the employees and the clients making the job profiles more attractive. 

LinkedIn released a flowchart regarding the update which showed that China’s job demand is trending upwards whereas the job demand in the European regions such as France and the United Kingdom, is decreasing with each passing day. Countries like Italy and Australia have also moved steadily towards the positive part. 

2. Facebook’s Deepfake Detection Update Is Rolling In The Market-

Several politically-affiliated groups around the work use Facebook as their primary digital platform to manipulate voters. Thus, Facebook has released an update taking care of deepfake, as this is a major issue for them to take care of. Deepfake could cause a major threat to democracy in the upcoming days, so the new Facebook update developed a system to digitally alter videos to identify them before it is released. 

Facebook is looking after various ways to advance in the path to detect its model, but previously the work went in vain. But the latest released update showed positive results, with over 82% success rate, which is quite impressive. 

3. Twitter Took Steps Towards Accounts That Were Linked To State-Back Manipulation Campaign And New Discovery List Option

Though this is not a physical update released by Twitter, this step taken by Twitter in the past 7 days has proved that they won’t support any negative misbelieve on their platform. With the 2020 US Elections approaching, the candidates have disagreed to handle social media pressures via political speeches over Twitter. 

Earlier, Twitter released a swipable feature, which was an alternative to the news feed. But recently, they are looking upon a new way to sort Twitter’s list and gather all the public collection under one cloud. 

Soon to be launched, Twitter’s new discover list option has started rolling out in some of the beta testing devices. The new feature will enable the users to provide a display of accounts they follow in an organized manner, with different topics of interest. Then they can follow whichever stream they want to focus on. Users can also pin the account in the news feed to regulate constant news feed.

4. YouTube’s New $100 Million Fund To Amplify The Voices of Black Creators-

With the ongoing protests in the United States, YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki announced this week’s update regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

She addressed the issues and later confirmed that YouTube will launch a multi-year $100 million fund that would be dedicated to the black creators of the platform, the artists, and the content creators. Susan also added that $1 million will be pledged to support those organizations that fight for injustice and crimes around the world. The latest news of YouTube is entirely made for the benefit of the Equal Justice Initiative, while YouTube is looking forward to highly the racial justice via the channel Spotlight in the month of June itself.

5. Snapchat’s Latest Update Announces Action Bar and Voice Activated Lenses- 

With Snapchat’s latest 2020 Snap Partner Summit coming to a halt, they announced a range of features that will be added to their platform keeping in mind the advancement of AR. Snapchat fixed the issues related to Snap Map, and as per the recent update, they are also going for an action bar. 

According to the 2020 Partner Summit, with the increased use of AR tools in the global pandemic, it is noted that almost 170 million users activated the lens daily, which is 55.2 million users higher than the previous report. Thus, Snapchat decided to add local lenses which will enable the user to engage with a persistent AR built world. 

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